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Sea Shepherd Partners with the Republic of Palau to Control Poaching

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After a successful victory driving the whalers out of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has turned its sights from defending whales to protecting sharks.

Argentinean coastal wildlife haven declared Biosphere Reserve

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Four million acres in southern Argentina declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

80 new species of fish, coral and algae discovered off Pitcairn Islands

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Findings highlight the uniqueness and high biodiversity value of the Pitcairn Islands as one of the least impacted in the Pacific, and suggest the need for immediate protection.

Large coral reef discovered off Iraq

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A reef complex in Iraqi waters discovered for the first time. It was thought that there were no coral reefs in Iraq.

Marine reserves provide safe passageway for endangered species

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The value of Australia's newly established network of marine parks has been highlighted by an international project

Blue mussel beds can clean fjords and bays

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Agricultural fertilizers leaching into aquatic environment can cause massive algae blooms leading to oxygen depletion. Banks of blue mussels can get the algae populations under control, Danish researches have demonstrated.

Florida to recruit divers to combat lionfish

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Fishery managers will urge Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation voting board members to take more steps that allow divers to kill lionfish

Reef gets seaweed transplant

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Marine ecologists in Sydney manage to restore the missing crayweed onto two barren reef sites where it once grew abundantly.

The health of coral reefs linked to forest conservation

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When deciding on the location of terrestrial protected areas, planners often focus only on terrestrial conservation goals, ignoring potential linked benefits to marine ecosystems.

Mangrove expands in Florida

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Mangrove forests have been expanding northward along the Atlantic coast of Florida as cold spells are becoming rarer.

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