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Protection of species

Massachusetts Bans Shark Fin Trade

A finned shark waits for death
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Chinese demand for shark fin plummets

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The volume of shark fin products imported into Hong Kong in 2013 has dropped by 35% says WWF. Exports of processed shark fins out of Hong Kong has also decreased dramatically

Florida: Dive boat operators face charges of illegally feeding sharks

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) have filed charges against four men linked to the illegal feeding of sharks and fish within state waters.

Canada demands WTO void EU ban on seal products

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Both Norway and Canada insist seal-hunting methods are humane

First fish ever taken off the Endangered Species List

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A tiny minnow that lives only in Oregon backwaters is the first fish ever taken off U.S. Endangered Species Act protection because it is no longer threatened with extinction.

One Quarter of Sharks and Rays Face Extinction

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A new study has found that one-quarter of all known species of sharks and rays are threatened with extinction.

American Samoa Bans Sea Cucumber Fishing

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Local reefs stripped bare due to illegal harvesting

Costa Rican shark finners finds way around anti-shark finning regulations

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Interpol released a purple alert Wednesday to warn countries of a gruesome shark-finning technique that could bypass some countries’ anti-finning laws.

Kenya rejects proposal to capture whale sharks

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Government disallows plans to create artificial marine enclosure stocked with wild-caught whale sharks

Sharks thrive in marine reserves

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Compared with waters where fishing is allowed, there are up to four times as many reef sharks in a protected zone, a new study shows

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