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New Gear

Exosuit training to begin

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Training Regimen for Space Age ‘Exosuit’ Atmospheric Diving System to begin in May

Waterproof D6 LITE ISS Drysuit

Waterproof D6 LITE ISS Drysuit, X-Ray Mag, trilam drysuit, Rosemary E Lunn
New Equipment |  
I did wonder just how long it would take for drysuit manufacturers to start routing their front zips from top right shoulder to bottom left hip, after Santi launched this concept in March. Waterproof hasn't wasted time. Their new D6 LITE ISS has adopted this zip routing.

Tek-Tite 200™ LED Strobe

Tek-Tite 200 LED Strobe, X-Ray Magazine, XRay, Rosemary E Lunn
New Equipment |  
Tek-Tite's 200 strobe now features a 7 Watt LED strobe module.

SeaLantern StingRay Coral LED Fluorescent Torch

SeaLantern® StingRay™ Coral LED Fluorescent Torch, X-Ray Mag, Rosemary E Lunn
New Equipment |  
Australian based SeaLantern has launched the StingRay Coral, a solid-state fluorescent torch.

Seac Masterdry 7mm Semi-dry Suit

Seac Masterdry, 7mm Semi-dry Suits, Rosemary Lunn, XRay, X-Ray Magazine
New Equipment |  
Seac's latest neoprene offering is called “the Masterdry”.

Oceanic Omega 3 FDXi Regulator

Omega 3, Oceanic, Regulator, Demand Valve, Rosemary Lunn, X-Ray, XRay Magazine
New Equipment |  
The Oceanic Omega Regulator is back!

Dive Rite Quick Release Mount

Dive Rite Quick Release Mount, QRM, X-Ray Mag, Rosemary E Lunn, Roz Lunn
New Equipment |  
We spotted Dive Rite's QRM at the 2014 Beneath The Sea dive show. This Quick Release Mount is rather clever and I am not surprised that there is a patent pending on this.

Fourth Element SUB-30 Technical Garment Wash

New Equipment |  
Fourth Element has launched a first for divers - a fabric detergent designed for technical sportswear.

Nomad LT Extreme

New Equipment |  
The Nomad LT Extreme is a low profile sidemount BCD with 35lbs of lift.

Cressi 'Victory' Dive Knife

Cressi Victory Scuba Dive Knife, X-Ray Magazine, Rosemary E Lunn, diving
New Equipment |  
Every diver ought to have at least one cutting device on their person whilst diving. There is a huge choice available, and this has just been augmented by Cressi with the launch of the Victory knife.

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