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South Pacific

Humpback Fluke ID project needs your help

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The Tongan Fluke Collective (TFC) aims to utilize photographers visiting the Kingdom of Tonga and photographing humpback whales during the breeding and calving season to compile a database of fluke shots for scientific purposes.

80 new species of fish, coral and algae discovered off Pitcairn Islands

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Findings highlight the uniqueness and high biodiversity value of the Pitcairn Islands as one of the least impacted in the Pacific, and suggest the need for immediate protection.

Historic pirate ship found in Tonga

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The wreck of the Port-au-Prince, a historic pirate ship containing a legendary bounty of sunken treasure is thought to have been discovered by divers in Tonga.

Coral Gardening - a new profession for resorts?

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Coral farms can ideally be managed by local communities and tied into restoration of coral reefs. This will also allow the indigenous communities to benefit directly from improvements in local biodiversity that follows. As cultivation will replace greenhouse culture overseas, there will also be an overall reduction in CO2-emissions.

Fabulous Fiji

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" I’d like to introduce you to some of our friends, enthused our guide Manasa, a.k.a Papa, as he held aloft a well-worn loose-leaf binder. The photographs within produced nervous laughter and a couple of anxious glances amongst a few of the divers. Then again, with names like Scarface, Hook and Big Mama, these were no ordinary friends. They were sharks, and we would soon be making their acquaintance. "

Solomon Islands

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I’m nervous. That’s not an unusual feeling for me when embarking on a challenging dive, yet I am in only two metres of water, the sea is flat calm, and there is no current to impede my progress at all. Indeed, the source of my apprehension lies just beyond the tunnel that I’m cautiously making my way through. I will soon emerge into a shallow pool known as Mirror Pond, and it is here that saltwater crocodiles are frequently sighted.

Solomons - The Spirit of Morovo

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A dark cloud developed ahead of me. Curious, I swam nearer to investigate. The cloud billowed getting bigger and darker. Inside flashes of silver struck like a highveld thunderstorm. The cloud undulated with tumultuous movement. It was massive. As it twisted towards me I made out the characteristic shape of barracudas—the long sleek body, dark chevron markings and the mean looking straight jaw line. Thousands and thousands of barracuda were swimming together in tight synchronized formation.
14 - Dec 2006 | The Spirit of Morovo

French Polynesia to tackle the plague of coral-eating starfish

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Reef Check Polynesia association is enacting an initiative in French Polynesia to tackle the plague of coral-eating spiny starfish that are taking over the reef.

Bikini Atoll Divers forced to close down

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Mounting financial losses have forced closure of scuba diving at Bikini Atoll — the premier tourist destination in the Marshall Islands — after 13 years of operations.

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