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Pacific Coast

Protection for Great white sharks... or not

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Three environmental groups petitioned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to list the West Coast population of great white sharks under the Endangered Species Act.

Shermans Lagoon to the Rescue

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The use of Plastic bottles, containers and plastic bags comes with a dear price, something we kind of know, but not really something we take in as being a problem. The beaches in tourist areas are cleaned up from debris and trash at least once a day, making the problem invisible to us. Jim Toomey, creator of Shermans Lagoon and a loved cartoonist among most divers has been an outspoken environmentalist for many years.

Leatherbacks' gain protected habitat on the US west coast

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NOAA announced January 20, 2012 the designation of additional critical habitat to provide protection for endangered leatherback sea turtles along the U.S. West Coast.

Inon releases new X-2 housing for Canon EOS 60D

Inon X-2 housing for Canon EOS 60D
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Inon has announced the release of its new X-2 housing for the Canon EOS 60D SLR camera.

NOAA Proposes 70,000 Square Miles Critical Habitat for Leatherback Sea Turtles

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(NOAA) issued a proposed rule to designate more than 70,000 square miles of critical habitat for endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtles in the waters off of California, Oregon and Washington.

Here is the proof: Fish were bigger in the good old days

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A unique study by a scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego has provided fresh evidence of fishing's impact on marine ecosystems. Snapshots trace shrinking 'trophy fish' over a generation of sport fishing.

Oceanography Professor Analyzes NOAA Oil Spill Report

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Clean Skies News' Susan McGinnis talks to Florida State University professor Ian McDonald on a new government report from NOAA, on the status of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sperm whales hunt squid in groups

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Scientists from Oregon and Mexico say they've found evidence that sperm whales work in teams to hunt squid - and rotate the toughest job.

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