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My Sunset Rendezvous: Crisis in Tahiti

Books & Media |  â€śOnce upon a time, before the sharks were finned, we met at sunset …”

Scuba Confidential

Books & Media |   An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Better Diver

Water Colours

Books & Media |   This book details the journey of an idea that grew into a phenomenon. A perfect union of the colorful world of fashion and the weightless grace of the underwater realm. Aaron writes

Indonesia’s Global Treasures

Books & Media |  Indonesia’s Global Treasures is the first book to reveal the immense beauty of seven underwater wonders of our world found in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Divers of the Dark

Books & Media |  Divers of the Dark is an exciting, fascinating introduction to cave diving. Its photographs give a rare insight into an underwater world. The book is suitable for everybody who is interested in adventure and diving

Dolphin Way - Rise of the Guardians

Books & Media |  

Sharks - Close encounters

Books & Media |  This book invites you on a mesmerizing journey into the deep blue and beyond the Hollywood image of sharks as fearsome monsters.

The Heart of the Ocean

Books & Media |  On, or near, the equator there are three deep basins surrounded by the islands that make up Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The shallow waters surrounding the Banda, Celebes, and Sulu Seas contain more different species of marine animal life than any other place on earth.

The shark sessions

Books & Media |  The Shark Sessions by Ila France Porcher, published by Tate Publishing is now available online for sale.

Diving Author Kendall McDonald Dies

Kendall McDonald, scuba diving author, BSAC, Colin McLeod Award winner
article |  
Kendall McDonald, celebrated chronicler of British diving and shipwrecks for more than 50 years, has passed away at the age of 86.

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