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James Cameron’s Sub Designer, Ron Allum and Triton Submarines Seeking a Visionary

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As James Cameron’s latest film “Deepsea Challenge 3D” graces cinemas around the world, Deepsea Challenger’s chief designer, Ron Allum and Triton Submarines, LLC are hard at work on the next full ocean depth submersible, which features, among other things, an entirely transparent pressure hull made of glass.

iDive and Watershot Incorporated Reveal the iDive Housing for the iPad

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The First Fully Functional Touchscreen Housing for Underwater Use

Practicing to capture an asteroid

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NASA test asteroid capture techniques the technology underwater.

Science looses one of its finest research submarines

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Nereus was lost while conducting a dive at 9,900 metres (32,500 ft) in depth in the Kermadec Trench

Exosuit training to begin

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Training Regimen for Space Age ‘Exosuit’ Atmospheric Diving System to begin in May

Apollo rocket engines recovered from the Atlantic abyss

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The F-1 engines are from the first stage of a Saturn rocket, some of which powered the Apollo space flights that took the first humans to the moon.

Submarine anyone?

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The OrcaSub is a 22-foot long 2-person mini-sub with a depth rating of up to 6,000 ft (1,829m)

Google Street View takes the plunge

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Exploring the oceans through your computer is now a reality, thanks to Google.

'flipping' research ship turns 50

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Bizarre research vessel can go from a horizontal to vertical position while staying afloat and stable in heavy seas, even in 80-foot waves.

Dubai plans futuristic underwater hotel

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The proposed Water Discus underwater hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is to be comprised of a series of sci-fi styled discs, one of which will be positioned 21 stories underwater.

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