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Cave Diving

Divers of the Dark

Books & Media |  Divers of the Dark is an exciting, fascinating introduction to cave diving. Its photographs give a rare insight into an underwater world. The book is suitable for everybody who is interested in adventure and diving

Namibian Sinkholes

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Who could imagine for a minute that Namibia is a diving destination?
59 - Mar 2014 | Namibian Sinkholes

Christmas Day Dive Ends In Tragedy As Father And Son Die

NSS-CDS, X-Ray Magazine, Dillon Sanchez, Darrin Spivey, Roz Lunn, diving death
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The Hernando County Sheriff's Office has reported that Dillon Sanchez (15) and his father Darrin Spivey (35) were trying out new dive equipment Sanchez had received as a Christmas present. The pair visited the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge on Christmas morning and dived Eagle's Nest Sink cave.

Pushing the Ressel—A Cave Diving Expedition in Lot, France

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Years of preparation finally paid off on 3 August 2013 when the first Belgian cave diving team reached deeper territory in Ressel Cave in Lot, France.
57 - Nov 2013 | Pushing the Ressel

Finland's Ojamo Mine

X-Ray Magazine article |  
Diving the Ojamo lime mine in Finland, 138 meters of water, 4°C.
54 - May 2013 | Finland's Ojamo Mine

Learning to dive the Earth’s interior

—Learning to dive the Earth’s interior: is it that difficult?!
X-Ray Magazine article |  
Two buddies are holding the line. The second is holding the arm of the one leading the way, communicating with him by means of touch. With visibility nil, the first buddy protects his head and face with his hand in case of contact with a wall or rock. Suddenly, for some unknown reason, the line moves and goes out of their hands. They search for it but to no effect. Their mistake: they were not holding the line properly. Will they panic? No. Their nearby instructor stops the exercise. The entire scenerio took place on dry land

Molnár János — Exploring Budapest’s Underwater Caves

X-Ray Magazine article |  
A rusty tram clatters past us. An uninterrupted line of cars slowly moves along LeĂł Frankel Street. Businessmen in dark suits hurry to their desks. Women in high heels walk carefully on the cobbled pavement. Between the houses, the ferries on the Danube can be seen, drifting past the Isle of Margaret that divides the town. We are in the middle of the Budapest morning rush hour. Our team attracts attention from passersby. We are carrying a van load of diving bottles and boxes through a narrow iron gate. The stone wall next to the cave is soon covered by diving equipment.

Calling all male cave divers

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Would you like to participate in a free research study investigating the relationship between personality traits and relationship satisfaction in male cave divers?

Exploring the caves under Budapest, Hungary

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Bones of early Americans stolen from underwater cave

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The skeleton, which is probably at least 10,000 years old, has disappeared from a cenote, or underground water reservoir, in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula.
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