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Discovery Mk6 Rebreather

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Discovery Mk6 Rebreather tests in Lisbon

Diving Cheow Lan Lake

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Roger Ingebo and Andy Fritz goes diving in the Cheow Lan lake and find remains of one of the flooded villages that got evacuated in 1982 when the Rachabrapha Dam was constructed in Southern Thailand.

Deep wreck exploration - 143mt with rebreather off Sicily

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Nice report of the exploration of an Italian Tanker sunk by a British sub during the second world war. Dives are conducted using closed circuit rebreathers till an interesting depth of -143mtr

Revo at Rebreather Week

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Oldest Skeleton in Americas Found in Underwater Cave

Article citing other sources |  
Deep inside an underwater cave in Mexico archaeologists have found a female skeleton been dated at 13,600 years old

General von Steuben

X-Ray Magazine article |  
German ocean liner General von Steuben was torpedoed by a Russian submarine in 1945 taking thousands of refugees fleeing the advancing Red army with her to the bottom. She now rests at 72 meters in the Baltic Sea making it one of the most impressive Baltic wrecks and daunting technical dives.
08 - Dec 2005 | General von Steuben

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