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Nudibranchs Encyclopedia: Catalogue of Asia/Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs

Nudibranchs Encyclopedia: Catalogue of Asia/Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs
Neville Coleman
Neville Coleman has done a good job of updating his '1001 Nudibranchs' with this eagerly awaited book 'Nudibranchs Encyclopedia'.
Publisher: Neville Coleman’s World of Water; 416 pages; published: January 2008; hardcover; 168mm x 242mm; ISBN 9780947325411.

Featuring his own work and those of many other renowned marine life photographers, this extensive encyclopedia is handy enough to bring with you on nudibranch expeditions. Producing the book in hard cover was a smart choice as it is able to better endure the wet hands of divers eager to reference their latest discovery just after a dive.

The amount of pictures, more than 3,000 in all, is mind-boggling. If you were to personally identify each species, it would probably take more than a lifetime. To the casual reader, thumbing through the book is a fascinating discovery in itself as page after page of unimaginable and bizarre species can be seen.

Where a species has many regional colour variations, many pictures of that variation by different photographers and at different locations are shown. This aids positive identification. An example is the species Phyllidia ocellata, which has extensive colour
variations that look like bull's-eyes.

As the most comprehensive reference on nudibranchs and their relatives, this book should be in every dive centre and nudibranch lover’s collection.