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Important notice from AP Diving : Various CO2 absorbents are sold for diving.

 Inspiration CCR
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Ambient Pressure Diving would like to remind Inspiration / Evolution owner ....:

Siren Fleet adopt PADI Recreational Rebreather courses using Poseidon MKVI

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From early in 2012, Worldwide Dive and Sail will be offering our guests the opportunity to participate in the latest training courses from PADI – the “Rebreather Diver” and “Advanced Rebreather Diver”. Each of our six yachts will be supplied with the Poseidon MKVI units.

Rebreathers 101

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Most divers know what a rebreather is, but do not realize that they have been around since 1878, long before the advent of scuba as we know it today. While rebreathers have proven themselves invaluable in many of our past military campaigns, they have always had a secretive aura about them and were once available only to the military.

Exploring ancient reefs: Bermuda Deep Water Caves 2011

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On June 18, 2011, Brian Kakuk and Jill Heinert conducted the deepest manned SCUBA dive ever completed in Bermuda. His mission was to bring back biological samples and geologic treasures for scientists to examine.

Ambient Pressure Diving starts production of oxygen cells

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Sensors for rebreathers will soon become available again as Ambient Pressure Diving is about to start own production

DIRrebreather: Nitrox Rebreather Diving

Books & Media |  This book is dedicated to Nitrox rebreather diving and the basic principles and skills that every rebreather diver should know and master. It covers some topics like balance and trim with a rebreather, risk management, and proper Nitrox dive planning.

Fatal accident brings record attempt to a tragic end

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Brigitte Lenoir died Friday in Dahab, Red Sea during a training dive aiming at breaking the female's world record for deep diving on rebreathers. The accident happened at a depth of 147 m.

Teledyne stop deliveries to the diving market

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Effective April 2nd, 2010, Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) shall no longer accept orders for oxygen sensors intended for use in the commercial, underwater closedcircuit rebreather (CCR) and semi-closed rebreather (SCR) markets.

DIR Rebreather

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DIR Diving with a Closed-Circuit Rebreather? Impossible!

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The Doing It Right philosophy can apply to a lot of things. In diving, it means having: * The right Mindset * The right Equipment * The right Procedures ... and the right Tea

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